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Stolen Equipment Procedure - Employee's Responsibility


Recently IWU had equipment stolen when employees were traveling.  This stolen equipment included university and personally owned laptops, iPads, smart phones and thumb drives.  In addition student owned equipment was also stolen.  This is the information you need to know when traveling (or on campus).

Stolen Equipment Procedure

It is the employee’s responsibility to complete the following steps if equipment is stolen.

  • Immediately call law enforcement agencies in area.  If you are on campus call campus security at 677-4911.
  • Following a call to law enforcement, call the IWU Support Center (765-677-2209).
    • UIT will immediately change your password.
    • We can supply laptop information including SN and MAC address for police
    • UIT will attempt to furnish a like machine as a temporary replacement.
    • UIT will notify UIT security about the theft.
  • Work with UIT security regarding the scope of the data lost.
    • UIT Security will work with Risk Management on next steps

Procedure History

Steps Developed by:    Mario Rangel (Campus Police), Neil Rush (Risk Management), Brian Israel (Infrastructure)

Date:                                2012-04-17

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