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Syslog System Information

System Information:

  • The Syslog-ng package is installed and running on two servers, currently running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.


  • Agate information:
    • Currently logging the Cisco ASA Firewall, as well as remote site DHCP servers.
    • Log data is stored in /data/log/asa, and /data/log/dhcp.


  • Quartz information:
    • Currently logging the iPrism, as well as both Barracuda appliances.
    • Log data is stored in /data/log/iprism, /data/log/barracuda23, and /data/log/barracuda24.


  • Log rotation, as well as destination directory settings, is configured through /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf.
    • Logs rotate automatically on a daily (24 hour) basis.
    • Destination directories are created and specified in the syslog-ng.conf file to filter and route specific device logs to separate folders.


  • Log file compression is handled via cron.
    • /data/log/gzipscript runs at 1:30 AM daily, compressing the previous day’s logs.


  • To monitor disk space usage, a disk report script is run via cron, which sends an email to Brian.
    • /data/log/diskreport runs at 6:00 am daily, emailing a report of disk space and usage.
    • The sendEmail package is used to send these emails through listout.indwes.edu.


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