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Thin Clients


A few areas use thin clients for use by student workers.

Information regarding use

Thin clients are: (Virtual Center)



TS_Phone,  (phone bank - alumni)

TS_Admissions (Phone bank and individual student workers)   (Phone bank is LINUX - Student workers WindowsCE, Upward     Bound is LINUX)


Usually WYSE brand but varies.  Can be Linux and Windows CE



Most problems occur when units shut down and restored to factory defaults.

  1. First step look on internet to find information on model misbehaving and find keystroke that will take you to setup prior to reboot
  2. Second step . is to find a similar unit that is functioning.> reboot. > look at setup functions
  3. Third step is be sure that you have a valid IP address.
  4. Fourth step put those parameters into unit not functioning, specifically host is TS-PHONE and use valid login credentials that are not already being used.
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