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Recovery Point and Time for Critical Systems


Defines the recovery expectations in the event of a critical system failure.


Recovery Point and Time objectives for each critical system are listed below.

System Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
ERP (Datatel) 24 hours 24 hours
Email (Exchange and WIndows Live) 12 hours 4 hours
Document Imaging (ImageNow) 4 hours 1 hour
Web-DNS 24 hours 30 minutes
Web-Websites 24 hours 30 minutes
Voicemail (Communite) 24 hours 24 hours
Active Directory 24 hours 1 minute
Printing 24 hours 4 hours
Blackberry Server 1 week 4 hours
Storage/SAN 1 week 8 hours
Backup System 1 day 8 hours
DHCP Services 24 hours 1 hour
PBX/Telephone 24 hours 1 hour
Network Configurations 1 week 1 hour
SQL Server Farm 24 hours 24 hours
File Storage-Servers 24 hours 24 hours


Recovery Point Objective
The recovery point objective (RPO) is the point in time to which work should be restored following a business continuity incident that interrupts or disrupts an organization. The RPO is closely related to the backup interval (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly).
Recovery Time Objective
The recovery time objective (RTO) is the time required to fully restore a system after a business continuity incident. In other words, the RTO is the amount of time you estimate it will take to complete all of the restoration steps, from the time of the failure to the system being completely operational.
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