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Lists all of the roles involved in the UIT Incident Management process.


Following is a description of the roles required for this process as well as information about how the roles should be filled.


Alternate Contact Role

The Alternate Contact is the individual designated to complete the responsibilities of the Director of the Area Responsible in the Director's absence. 

Communications Officer Role

The Communications Officer is the designated individual (from within the UIT department) who is responsible for coordinating the efforts of UIT staff from multiple teams throughout the Incident Management process. This cannot be a member of the Support Center or  Response Team. (This role is also frequently referred to as "Command & Control".) The Communications Officer also, by default, fills the role of Documentation Officer.

Director of Area Responsible Role

The Area Responsible is the group within the UIT department which is responsible for maintaining or troubleshooting problems related to the affected system(s). It is the responsibility of the Director to identify and notify the Response Team.

Documentation Officer Role

The Documentation Officer is responsible for documenting all relevant information related to the incident and all actions taken by the Response Team. By default, the Documentation Officer role is also assigned to the Communications Officer. However the Communications Officer may choose to select another individual for this role.

Initial Responder Role

The Initial Responder is the individual within the UIT department who first becomes aware of the problem. For example, this could be a member of the Support Center or a member of the area responsible for the affected system. It could also be the same person who is later designated Communications Officer.

Response Team Role

The Response Team includes all of the individuals who are directly involved in resolving the incident. Members of the Response Team are to be identified by the Director of Area Responsible, but may include individuals from multiple areas within UIT. 

Support Center Role

Communication with the Support Center should typically be directed to the Support Center Manager.

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