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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Employee Offboarding Process


This process is to be followed by UIT (in regard to computer hardware/software) when an employee leaves IWU or changes departments.

  • HR notifies UIT of employment change.
  • UIT creates a ticket to pick up the employee’s computer equipment .*
    • Laptops may be turned in to HR during the exit interview process.
      • HR will notify UIT if this is the case.
  • Equipment is brought back to UIT, files are moved to \\Red\PastEmployees with folder permissions given employee’s supervisor.
    • The supervisor is notified via email.
    • ​This folder will be available for 90 days.
  • Equipment is held in its current state for 2 weeks before it is wiped and placed back into general inventory.
    • If the vacated position is backfilled, a like-model computer will be provided for the new employee once a hardware request form has been completed by the supervisor.

*All computer and phone equipment is assigned by position, not by employee.

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