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Employee Email Usage Policy


Brief summary of the policy for employee usage of email...


Use of Indiana Wesleyan University provided email systems constitutes acceptance of this policy.


Indiana Wesleyan University seeks to provide communication tools that allow university constituents to communicate with one another for various purposes. While Indiana Wesleyan University offers equipment and facilities to make this possible, we find it necessary to establish basic rules that govern appropriate use of the email system(s) for all faculty, eligible adjunct faculty, staff, and administrators. Use of email is a privilege and may be revoked at any time. Use of email constitutes acceptance of this policy.

 Employees are expected to be knowledgeable of these and all policies of Indiana Wesleyan University. Any questions should be directed to the office of Information Technology or Human Resources. Abuses of this or any other policy subjects the employee to immediate revocation of system privileges and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Any information included in email communication using IWU equipment and systems becomes the property of Indiana Wesleyan University and is subject to review by approved university personnel at the university’s discretion. Email communication may also be reviewed by a non-university agency at the request of a legal authority as part of a civil and or criminal investigation.

 Email systems provided by Indiana Wesleyan University are intended to be used for university business. It is understood that from time to time communication will occur that is not Indiana Wesleyan University business related, but general rules of appropriate use apply regardless of the purpose for communication. The following items outline Indiana Wesleyan University’s position on appropriate use for email system(s):

 1. Email account creation / account termination

a. Email accounts are only available to Indiana Wesleyan University employees and active students. Special request for an account for individuals not meeting the above criteria should be made through your respective Vice President’s office.
b. When a person has left the employment of Indiana Wesleyan University, his or her email account will be disabled. A copy of all current contents within the account will be archived to CD or other removable media and given to the appropriate supervisor.  Upon request, permission to the mailbox account can be granted to the appropriate supervisor instead of archiving to a media device for a standard duration of 30 days.  Email forwarding will be handled on a case by case basis and only upon request for a standard duration of 30 days.

2. Accessing email

a. Common methods of accessing the Indiana Wesleyan University email system are:

i. Microsoft Outlook for Windows
ii. Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Apple users)
iii. Outlook Web Access: (web interface)
iv. Indiana Wesleyan University Web Portal

b. Only users for which an email account has been created are approved to use the Indiana Wesleyan University email system.
c. Employees and students are encouraged to protect their user name and password and NEVER share this confidential information.
d. No user should ever allow someone else to use their email account for sending or receiving email unless under direct supervision of the authorized user. By granting access, the authorized user assumes responsibility of any and all activities of the guest user.

 3. Proper and Ethical Use of Email

a. The email system exists to enhance the communication abilities of the Indiana Wesleyan University community. It should only be used for purposes that enhance the efficiencies of your employment and also reflect our desire to be Christ-like. Strong consideration should be given prior to sending any email communication and how it may be perceived by others. If you have any doubt, don’t send it!

b. Sending employment notices for any organization outside of the university is prohibited. This does NOT include notices from those in the Indiana Wesleyan University community who have products and or services they participate in outside of work where for which they wish to advertise for (i.e. house cleaning, Mary Kay, carpentry, computer consulting, etc.). Information sent through email must not conflict with Indiana Wesleyan University interests.

c. The IWU email system may not be used to market products or services for commercial organizations with the intent of profiting that are not affiliated with IWU or the Wesleyan Church From time to time external organizations may provide the IWU community with special benefits /discounts. In those circumstances, Human Resources will maintain an official list and distribute through appropriate channels.

d. Email messages that are political in nature are allowed if supporting political events, but NOT appropriate if stating political opinion to incite debate or endorsing a particular candidate.

e. The IWU email system should not be used to facilitate fund raising for political campaigns, candidates, or political groups.


f.  It is highly discouraged to use your university email for personal online purchases as this can bring unwanted spam to your mailbox.

g. Appropriate Content

i. At any time and without prior notice, Indiana Wesleyan University administration reserves the right to examine email, personal file directories, and other information stored on Indiana Wesleyan University computers. This examination helps to ensure compliance with internal policies, supports the requirements of internal / external investigations, and assists with the management of Indiana Wesleyan University information systems. As such, the Vice President for Information Technology or any of his/her assigned representatives may be asked to review the content of email by management representing the area involved. Use of the email system constitutes acceptance of such monitoring.

ii. This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with all other Indiana Wesleyan University policies including but not limited to policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination, offensive conduct or inappropriate behavior. Employees are expressly prohibited from using email for any unethical purposes, including but not limited to pornography, violence, gambling, racism, harassment, or any illegal activity. Further, transmitting any message that may be perceived as containing derogatory, obscene, profane, lewd, harassing, or inflammatory images or remarks about an individual or group’s race, color religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or other protected class status is strictly prohibited, and is subject to disciplinary action, up and including termination of employment. Additional consequences may include civil and or criminal penalties.

iii. Indiana Wesleyan University reserves the right to use email filtering / spam blocking technologies in an effort to minimize unsolicited bulk email. As a result, there may be instances where legitimate email may be inadvertently blocked or quarantined. In such cases, the office of Information Technology will make every effort to correct those situations.

iv. Employees are prohibited from entering into any contract or agreements on behalf of Indiana Wesleyan University through email. Any such contracts or agreements must be executed through established university processes and must be expressly authorized by the appropriate university leadership.

v. In general, employees should exercise the same restraint and caution in drafting and transmitting messages over the email as they would when writing a memorandum and should assume their message will be saved and reviewed by someone other than the intended recipients.

h. Medical Information Guidelines

i. Information shared about medical diagnoses/prognoses can provide potential challenges in light of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Privacy standards. This applies to medical conditions of students, job applicants and employees, and may even hold true with other outside constituents. When sharing prayer requests, please use generalities only instead of condition-specific information.

.Non-Preferred: Please pray for [employee name]. S/he was just rushed to Marion General Hospital suffering severe chest pains. The emergency medical technicians believed it was a heart attack, and [Employee name]’s spouse is very concerned since [employee name] previously had bypass surgery and angioplasty.

. Preferred (Initial): Please pray for [employee name]. S/he was just rushed to Marion General Hospital with health concerns.

. Preferred (Follow-up): Thank you to those who prayed for [employee name]. The doctors were able to stabilize the condition and [employee name] is resting comfortably at MGH.

 4. Email distribution lists

a. Indiana Wesleyan University has created several email distribution lists to address the desire to communicate with many people at one time for various reasons. Each email distribution list has membership rules that govern appropriate use. Below are just a few of the distribution lists available and intended purpose:

. IWUall (formerly All-Campus) e-mails are reserved only for the dissemination of vital information pertinent to the university community as a whole. Examples include official messages from the President’s office, weekly job vacancy announcements from Human Resources, employee benefit information, weather / emergency alerts, and training and development announcements. Employees must receive approval from their respective Vice President prior to submitting an all-campus e-mail. All university employees are members of this list by default.

. The IWUevents distribution list intended for sending information about Indiana Wesleyan University sanctioned events happening in and around the university (all locations). Items must be related to the Indiana Wesleyan University community. Examples include chapel notices, sporting events /scores, special services, special speakers, etc. Employees can elect to receive or not receive email sent to this list by either subscribing to or un-subscribing. Default subscription is set to ‘no’. ***See I.T. website for directions***

. Items sent to the Prayer list should be intended to draw from the power of the Indiana Wesleyan University prayer community for various needs. Please use caution when describing the nature of the circumstance requiring prayer out of respect for all individuals involved. See “Medical Information Guidelines” in section 3e. Employees can elect to receive or not receive email sent to this list by either subscribing to or un-subscribing. Default subscription is set to ‘no’. ***See I.T. website for directions***

. There are only a few employee positions that are eligible to send email to this group. This list is managed and moderated by the Office of the Vice President for Student Development in conjunction with the UIT email administrator.  The name of the email address is updated and changed each semester to reflect that current group of students.  For example will be the next list to be created.



 Information pertaining to the College of Adult and Professional Studies, School of Nursing and the College of Graduate Studies should be sent to this list. Information sent should only be IWU business related and only  pertaining to CAPS, SON and CGS interests. CAPS, SON, and CGS employees are members of this list by default.

. Billboard (formerly Campus-News) e-mails are for general information not generally affecting the campus community as a whole. Examples include the selling of personal items, the announcement of civic and church events, family announcements, and request for various services (i.e. plumber, carpentry, medical, etc.). Only members of the IWU community are allowed to send email to this group. Employees can elect to receive or not receive email sent to this list by either subscribing to or un-subscribing. Default subscription is set to ‘no’. ***See I.T. website for directions***


5. Email storage

a. IWU allows for each mailbox to have the Microsoft Office365 maximum mailbox size of 50 GB.

b. Users are encouraged to actively keep their IWU email account clean.

c. Additionally you can utilize “archiving” to store all email needed for historical purposes. The Information Technology Help Desk (ext. 2209) can assist in configuring this feature if needed.


 Possible Addendum to Policy

  • Individuals may choose to use their own e-mail facilities as an alternative to the University resource, but the use of any such option shall also be subject to this policy.  Users may forward their IWU email to another email address, but any User who does so expressly assumes all responsibilty for delivery beyond the domain.

Note: This is similar to a paragraph from Purdue's policy and is in response to problems we have with forwarding to outside accounts.

 E-mail stored on an official IWU system will generally be retained for no longer than 30 days after deletion by the email user.  Log files associated with email messages which provide a record of actual email transactions, but not the content are kept no longer than 90 days. 

Note:  This cannot be done on current system but may be possible on new version 2010.  In addition this would not apply to any "archived" emails.


This policy will affect all employees using IWU email systems...


30-Oct-2006    Implemented

26-Apr-2010    Revised

Policy Information

Employee Policy                400.02.02


University Information Technology - Infrastructure

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.

Approved by:                        President's Cabinet

Responsible Official:         Chief Information Officer

Also referenced in "IWU Acceptable Technology Use Policy"



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