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Government Investigation Response Policy (Search Warrants)


A warrant is a legal order issued by a court typically authorizing law enforcement officers or agents to conduct a search of a specific location.  Search warrants allow law enforcement officers or agents to seize physical items including documents and computers, that are within the scope of the warrant, and other items that may be evidence of criminal acts.  Search warrants do not on their own authorize law enforcement to execute an arrest.  In no case, should counsel or an employee interfere with the execution of the search warrant, even if they believe it to be invalid.  In limited instances, searches can be conducted without a warrant.  Under no circumstances, however, should someone consent to a search in the absence of a written and verifiable warrant..


  1. Upon receiving a call from a law enforcement officer, immediately ask what agency is conducting the search and what crime it claims to be investigating....; do not consent to anything and make no statements to the agents until counsel is present.
  2. Immediately fax a copy of the search warrant to counsel (765-677-6576) together with all accompanying documents, and ask that counsel speak to the agent in charge or lead investigator.
  3. Request that executing agents refrain from interviewing employees until University Counsel has been consulted by the agents and permission been granted.
  4. Do not interfere with the search, but carefully detail and document any items that are being seized or areas that are searched which are not specifically stated on the warrant and discuss your concerns with counsel.


This applies to all employees of the school.


21-Oct-2008    -    Excerpt from Policies and Procedures fo Responding to Government Investigations

Approved by The President and Cabinet

Policy Information

Legal Policy - 400.06.03


Chief Financial Officer

Approved By

Chief Financial Officer

Additional Remarks

There are no known exceptions to this policy at this time.


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