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Student Owned Wireless Router Policy


Policy covering use of wireless routers.


Improperly configured wireless routers can cause network connectivity problems for many people within the range of the router, and in some cases have caused severe network disruption for an entire residence hall.  In an effort to provide the most reliable student network possible at IWU, and to ensure that devices causing problems to others are rapidly located so that student network downtime is minimized, this policy governing the use of non-university owned wireless routers has been developed.


Students may attach their own wireless router to IWU's data network in residence halls where wireless access is not already provided throughout the building by Indiana Wesleyan access points.  The list of residence halls in which wireless routers are not permitted are listed below.  

  • Hodson
  • Carmin
  • Evans
  • Martin
  • Reed
  • South Hall
  • All of The Lodges
  • South Townhouses

If your residence hall is not listed, then students are permitted to connect student owned routers to the IWU network.

It is imperative that students read and follow the instructions for their individual wireless router, connecting the device incorrectly will result in the ports in that area to be shut down and it may be a significant amount of time before the network team can find/locate and correct the problems with the incorrectly wired device.  It is suggested that students choose wireless routers from the following brands:  Cisco, Linksys, Netgear

IWU does not provide support for student-owned wireless routers.

Students with wireless routers must further agree that Information Technology Services may remove the equipment from the network if it is improperly configured or connected in any way that disrupts network access for others.

In order to maximize the reliability of the network for all users, wireless routers that which are discovered, whether causing problems on the network or not, may be disabled/removed from the network until such time as the device is properly connected to the network or configured.

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 This policy affects all students.


17-Oct-2017 - Reviewed and revision required

20-Aug-2015 – Policy updated to reflect where student owned wireless devices could not and could be used.      Removed verbiage about a legacy registration process previously used.

12-Mar-2012 - This policy is posted on Wildcat and Family page.

24-Aug-2010 - Revised

18-Dec-2008 - Approved and implemented by Information Technology and Student Development

Policy Information

Student Policy    400.04.03



University Information Technology - Infrastructure

Approved By

Chief Information Officer

V.P. for Student Development

Additional Remarks

Medical exceptions may be granted to this policy.

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