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IWU Password Self Service - Demo Instructions


The following are instructions as to how to complete the demo for the IWU Self-Service password recovery portal.  Please refer to the email you received that contained your test credentials.  For the majority of the validation options you will need a phone with SMS capabilities.  For employees the DUO application will be the recommended app.  


Instructions - Enrollment   


Authenticate to the system by entering your username and password and click Continue.

pg 2.jpg

On the next page you will configure your recovery options.  These are verification options that you can use to recover your password.  This portal requires [2] options. You can configure all and pick the [2] you wish to use during a password recovery.  

IMAGE RECOGNITION (Required 1st option)
Select an image you can easily remember.  

PIN CODE Support
Employees can use their two factor application [ DUO ] by registering it with this application.  Add another application to your DUO app and then scan the QR code.  Instructions as to how to do this can be found here - follow OPTIONS 6 & 7 if you are unfamiliar on how to add another application to DUO.

E-Mail Support
Enter an alternate email option [personal email] that can be sent a recovery code

SMS Support
Enter your cell number.  An SMS code can be sent as another verification method.

pg 3.jpg

Once you have selected your image and at least one of the three additional options click FINISH.

Instructions - Password Recovery   

Now that your verification options are set you can demo an actual password change.

Go to the home page at and click on the 'Go To Reset Tool' within the 'Reset My IWU Password' box.  No instructions will be provided due to the nature of the demo.  You can test your password reset by attempting to log into the test account email at: . (be sure to use the full email address for the account)


FINAL STEP - Once you have completed both the Azure password recovery and IWU Password Self Service recovery demos please go here and fill out the project survey. 


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