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Trend Micro Installation

Trend Micro is available as a distributed package for Windows 7. It can be found under the "Install Programs from the Network" section of the Control Panel.

Support Center techs can also find the installation media in the techapps share for Windows XP or if the distributed package is not available. The path is servername\techapps\virus\Trend Micro

1. Uninstall the Symantec client.

Note: Symantec removal will require a reboot. 

You can remove Symantec by going to the Control panel in Add\remove Programs for XP or Programs for Win 7.

We have found instances where Symantec will not uninstall completely and in those cases you will need to use the Norton removal tool found at servername\techapps\virus\Norton_Removal_Tool.exe. One of the symptons of Symantec not completely uninstalling is that Trend Micro will not install.

2. Install Trend Micro.

Installing Trend Micro from the techapps directory only has the option to change the installation path, keep it at the default. Installing from the distributed package will not have any installation options.

3. Remove the Symantec add-in from Outlook.

4. Scan the device with Trend Micro

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