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How to Remove Wireless Networks in Windows

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This guide will walk you through removing a wireless network and starting from scratch if you are having issues connecting to IWU-Student.


  1. Open your start menu.
  2. In the search menu type cmd and hit enter/return.
  3. After the window opens type into the window netsh wlan show profiles and hit enter/return.
    • Look in the list that appears for IWU-Student to be listed. If so, continue with step 4, otherwise you can go to the instructions to set up the wireless connection.
  4. In the same window, type netsh wlan delete profile name="IWU-Student" and hit enter/return.
    • If all is completed successfully you will get a message letting you know that the profile was removed.

At this point you are ready to start from scratch to get connected to the network. Below is the instructional hub with instructions for how to connect to the student wireless based on your operating system.


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