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IWU-Staff EAP Error

Cannot connect to IWU-Staff


There is an error that has happened on some of the machines running trend micro, when attempting to connect to IWU-Staff. It will not allow for new connections to IWU-Staff to be made, showing an "Unexpected Error has Ocurred", or if it already exists, the authentication fields show as empty and cannot be changed.

The problem is that the EAP authentication is pointing to a Symantec folder that no longer exists, and the authentication fails/A new connection cannot be made in the control panel.

To fix this, open up regedit, and navigate to this location


And delete the 3 or 4 folders that are there. (13, 25, 26, 88).

Then run and add this registry fix.




This will fix point the registry keys to the correct location.

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