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Unblock a Website


A customer calls to say that a website is blocked by the web content filter as shown in the illustration 1.

Illustration 1.  Website blocked by the Palo Alto Networks content filter



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Website can be wrongly categorized by Palo Alto Networks for a variety of reasons.  Most likely, it is either

  1. Human error (i.e. the wrong category was selected by the person reviewing the website),

  2. The website at some point has been maliciously compromised.


A request must be sent to Palo Alto Networks to review the website and re-categorize the URL.

Note: Any URLs for free hosting services will need to be directed to Information Security.



  1. Navigate to:

       and enter the URL and CAPTCHA code.

Illustration 2.  Website to check a URL’s category



  1. Click the Search button
  2. If the website is categorized as any of the following, it may have been wrongly categorized and will need to be submitted for review and possible re-categorization:
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Proxy-Avoidance-and-Anonymizers

Note: Dependent up on University policy and guidance, more categories (e.g. adult, nudity, etc.) may also be blocked at a later date.

Click the Request Change button (Illustration 3).


Illustration 3.  Verifying the URL category



  1. Select a suggested new category.
  2. Enter and confirm your email address.
  3. Enter CAPTCHA code
  4. Click the Submit button


Illustration 4.  Requesting a new category



  1. You will receive an email confirming the request and then a later email with the results (either the category has been changed or why the category could not be changed.  If Palo Alto changes the category, it will automatically be update on the IWU firewall.


Illustration 5.  Confirmation email


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