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AV Equipment


This document lists the various equipment available for audio and video support of events, meetings, and classes.

Video Equipment

Photo Description Available for Checkout at Media Services
SDP860_left side(1).jpg Document Camera, Doc Cam, Visual Presenter, Digital Overhead, Webcam Yes
61P0AWP00AE_1600x1600.jpg Wireless Doc Cam, AVerVision W30 No
Interactive Short-Thow Projector.jpg Interactive Short-Throw Projector, Epson BrightLink Pro, Includes two pens which can also function as a mouse, projects an image upon the dry erase whiteboard No
projector.JPG Projector, Data-Video projector, LED, DLP, Laser/LED Hybrid, Ceiling-mounted, Classroom Display (sometimes mistakenly called an overhead projector, because it is mounted 'over-the-heads' of the audience) No
Image result for Casio XJ-A230 Casio Data Projector, Laser Projector. Free-Standing with adjustable foot. Has HDMI, VGA, and AV input options. Yes
screen.JPG Screen, Manual, projection, mounted, pull-down No
DSCN1592.JPG Flat Panel TV, LCD Display, Monitor, Digital Screen, wall-mounted No
Elmo overhead projector.jpg Overhead projector, Transparency projector.  Yes
c930e-455x500.png Webcam, USB audio-video input device, video-conferencing camera Yes
x158BDP1100-o_left.jpg Blu-Ray player, Optical playback deck, play files from DVD, CD mp3 disc, or from a USB flash memory stick. Yes
Toshiba_D_VR600_D_VR600_DVD_Recorder_VCR_Combo_483336.jpg DVD/VCR combo deck. Plays video from DVD and VHS tapes, and audio from CDs. Yes
Portable Projection screen  Yes
Go-Pro Hero+ LCD action camera Yes
USB presentation clickers for PC or Mac Yes
Nikon D3200 Digital Cameras (Nikon D3200, Nikon CoolPix L26, Canon Powershot a590) Yes
Canon_HDPro.jpeg HD Digital Camcorders & SD Card Yes

Audio Equipment

Photo Description Available for Checkout at Media Services
Wireless lapel microphone, lavalier, beltpack, transmitter Yes
IMG_1767.JPG wireless handheld microphone, roving mic, cordless mic transmitter Yes
IMG_1763.JPG  Portable sound system--for voice reinforcement and background music Yes, Some restrictions apply
IMG_1845.JPG Ceiling speaker, mounted in acoustic ceiling tiles of classrooms and conference rooms  No
01-HDEXEC4-NM.jpg Table microphones for Video Conferencing, Adobe Connect wireless mics, Revolabs Yes, Some restrictions apply
Pro Tools Express Kit, used to create and mix high quality audio and music. Available with Avid Mbox, USB Cable, Drive Installation Disk, Software Installation Disk, and iLok USB dongle. Yes

FrontRow To Go, wireless, battery-operated PA system, with handheld and headset microphones, Aux jack for audio source such as a phone or iPod, charging bay and table-top tripod stand.

For portability, all components except the charging bay are packed into a convenient tote bag.

Yes, Some restrictions apply
Handheld wired microphone and XLR cables to connect the microphone. Also available with a USB connection Yes
Desktop Microphone with an On/Off switch. Connects to Computers via a USB port.


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