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South Hall Classroom 135 - No Sound

There is a known issue with the Kramer Switcher/scalers located inside the teaching station of South Hall classroom 135.


No audio is heard, even after all audio troubleshooting suggestions have been attempted.


Device loses its audio driver. The manufacturer is aware of this issue, and a recent patch has greatly decreased the frequency of these occurrences.


This process will take approximately one minute to complete. This has always caused the device to locate its driver again.

  1. Call IMT, who will send a technician to reset power to the Kramer Switcher/scaler (reboot);  or:
  2. Power-cycle the entire teaching station (in other words, disconnect the teaching station's main power cord from the wall outlet).

Related Solution:

A frequently missed troubleshooting step related to this scenario, is that the audio amplifier has inadvertently been turned off. The amp is located at the bottom of the teaching station, where a resting foot can bump and turn off the power button (rocker switch). Switching on the power again will enable sound playback through the speakers.

Related Solution: 

The control system for this classroom is an LCD touch panel on top of the teaching station. Pressing the volume up button on this touch panel will increase the volume by small increments.


This same Kramer switcher/scaler is installed in the teaching stations of many regional sites' classrooms, Elder Hall 241 and 243, and in many classrooms and labs in Burns Hall of Science and Nursing.

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