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Cisco/Tandberg Video Conference System


This guide introduces the Cisco/Tandberg Video Conference System. Such a system--at the very least--includes a display screen, a camera, microphones and speakers.

Note: This Point-to-Point video conferencing equipment may still exist in some of the indicated locations, but it is no longer supported, either by IWU's UIT staff or by the manufacturer, Cisco. Please make alternate plans for video conferencing using a browser-based conferencing system. Thank you.


To use this system, you need to schedule a time to use the classrooms or conference rooms in which have these systems installed:

  • Jackson Library 17 - lower level technology classroom
  • AGS 300 - large conference room
  • Cleveland Education Center
  • Cincinnati Education Center
  • Louisville Education Center
  • Merrillville Education Center

You are also limited to whom you can connect. The participant on the far end must also have a similiar Cisco/Tandberg system.


For detailed instructions on how to use the video conferencing system in the AGS 300 conference room, please view this Slide Show, or read this User Manual.

The system in JLB 17 is similar, although it does not have a TV, and the cameras are mounted on the side wall, and the front (presentation) wall. Learn more about how to start using the teaching station equipment and video conference equipment in JLB 17 by clicking here.

You must know and type in the IP address of the caller in order to make the conference call. Some frequently used IP addresses are stored in the Tandberg's My Contacts. Find this by pressing the Phone Book icon on the Tandberg remote control.

Here are the Tandberg IP addresses at IWU.

Location External IP Address Internal IP Address

JLB 17-Marion


If you cannot relocate your class or conference to one of the rooms listed above, you may want to use Adobe Connect to connect to all of the participants.

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