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Digital Signage Locations


FourWinds is the digital signage platform used by IWU for visual notification, alerts, general and specific information. There are various locations on the Marion campus and at Regional Education Centers where FourWinds has been deployed.

FourWinds Digital Signage Locations in Marion 

Barnes Student Center

Conference Services, Information Desk, Mallway...3 units - contact  Susi Stephenson or Lori Haisley

McConn Coffee, Menu and Announcements...4 units - contact  Melissa Whitehead

​Life Calling Career Development Kiosk...1 unit - contact Carol Brown

Pioneer Food Services, Baldwin......5 units - contact Donna Brunton

Burns Hall of Science and Nursing

Porter Auditorium lobby...Wayfinding

Skills Lab lobby...Directory of Graduating Class Photos - contact Marlene Overmyer

Residence Halls

- contact Brittany Rhoade or Nate Milner

Beckett Hall...lobby

Bowman Hall...main entrance

Carmin Hall...lobby

Lodges...3 units...lobbies

Evans Hall...lobby

Hodson Hall...lobby

Kem Hall...lobby

Martin Hall...lobby

Reed Hall...lobby

Scripture Hall...lobby

South Hall Complex...lobby

Town Houses...Community Center

Maxwell Center

Business Division - contact Angie Thompson

Ott Hall of Science and Nursing

Atrium lobby...Wayfinding

1st floor hallway...directory, announcements

2nd floor hallway...directory, announcements

3rd floor hallway...directory, announcements

4th floor hallway...directory, announcements

5th floor hallway...directory, announcements

470 Reception area...directory, announcements - contact Nancy Halderman, Sara Byers

570 Reception area...directory, announcements - contact Rita Duchane

Recreation Wellness Center

Athletic Department, Main South-East Entrance - contact Adam Myers

Athletic Department, Main South-West Entrance - contact Adam Myers

Jackson Library

IWU Showcase, Rotunda - Marketing

Upward Bound

Upward Bound...classroom/back entrance - contact Raquel Goff

Wesley Seminary at IWU

Office 110 - Karen Clark

AGS Marion

Main East Entrance - contact Julie Huval

FourWinds Digital Signage Locations at Regional Education Centers

Naperville, IL

Main Entrance, one device spanning 3 contiguous displays - Cynthia Buhrke


Digital Signage Locations in Marion - not using FourWinds

These locations were installed prior to the adoption of FourWinds Digital Signage platform. They may someday reap the benefits of the FourWinds signage solution, because of the Marion campus site license.

Admissions, MAX  - Marketing

Campus Police, BSC - Mario Rangel

Center for Student Success, BSC - Nan Turner

Gallery lobby, BSC - Amanda Dyer

​Life Calling Career Development, BSC - contact

Showcases, OHSN - Matt Kretsinger

School of Theology and Religion, NCMC - Melissa Fipps

Theatre, PPAC- Katie Wampler

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