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BAC 222 Mac Lab


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Beard Art Center studios are average sized labs, used for specific art mediums: painting, photography, weaving, etc. The Art Department schedules these rooms.


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These studios provide a fully HD ceiling mounted projector, a manual (hand-crank) screen, a VGA cable for connecting a laptop or document camera, and an HDMI cable for connecting a laptop.


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These classrooms do not have a fully equipped teaching station, but a wall plate at the front of the room allows multiple options for connecting a device to the sound system, and display.​ 

   •    Projector 

            o    Mounted From Ceiling

            o    Projects onto Manual Screen


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The wall plate will provide multiple sources to connect and be shown on the display:​

   •    VGA - laptop or document camera

   •    HDMI - laptop or tablet 

   •    RCA composite video and stereo audio jacks

   •    S-Video jack


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   •    Ceiling Speakers 

   •   Volume Control on the projector remote control


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   •   Use a Mitsubishi projector remote to control volume, change inputs, and turn the projector on or off.


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Please set your laptop resolution to 1080p (1920 x 1080) for optimal viewing. Aspect Ratio 16:9


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These rooms have no teaching station. The equipment is mounted in a small box above the projector.

These rooms have no video conferencing ability.

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