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BHSN Nursing Wards - A1

Burns Hall of Science and Nursing Rooms 104, 120-B & 120-C 

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These rooms are Nursing Wards


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A flat panel TV is wall-mounted, and a Media Link controller is wall-mounted beside it, for powering on and off the TV, adjusting volume, and selecting the source to be displayed.


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A VGA + audio cable, and an HDMI cable are available on or near the conference table. Use one of these cables to connect a laptop or tablet to the TV. If the laptop has a DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort connection, you will need to provide your own dongle (short adapter cable) to be able to use the provided cables. Please contact the support center if you need assistance in purchasing the appropriate dongle for your device.


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For optimal results, please set your laptop's resolution to 1280x800 Aspect Ratio 16:10

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