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Center Hall 122

Center Hall Standard Classroom

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The classrooms and Art labs in Center Hall are equipped with the following equipment:


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These classrooms have a fully equipped teaching station, sound system, and widescreen display.​ 

   •    Ceiling Mounted Projector 

   •    Projects onto Manual Screen


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The teaching station will provide multiple sources which can be shown on one or more of the displays:​

   •    Laptop – VGA

   •    Desktop PC

   •    DVD/VHS Player

   •    Document Camera (Visual Presenter)

   •    RCA jacks (on top of rack)


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   •    Computer Speakers are located within the teaching station 

   •    Volume Control knob is located on the Control Panel


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   •    Extron MLC control panel on top of the teaching station


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   •    Please set your laptop's resolution to 1280 x 800 for optimal viewing. This is the projector's native resolution. Aspect Ratio 16:10


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   •    This room does not support digital signals (typically connected with HDMI or DisplayPort). Please use a VGA adapter.

   •    The front bank of ceiling lights can be turned off, to improve viewing of content on the projection screen.

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