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17 Under Construction

Jackson Library Room 17

Flex-space, intended for collaboration, group tutoring, classroom instruction, and meetings.

4 Dry Erase whiteboards

4 Flat panel TVs

1 ceiling-mounted projector, electric screen and full-featured teaching station.

ceiling-mounted speakers


All Whiteboards are positioned the same, vertically: pen tray at 3' aff, and top at 7' aff (2' from ceiling).

All flat panel TVs are 55"diagonal, and positioned the same, vertically: centered at 50" aff.


The southwest wall (projection wall) is 5' 1" between the door and whiteboard.

Claridge Whiteboard, 18' wide (9' x2 sections), visible in above photos, is original to this room, and will be positioned directly above where it is currently leaning against the wall.

Southwest wall continues 13' 10" between whiteboard and right corner.


On the northwest (curved) wall, the center of the flat panel (TV1) is 12' 8" from the left corner, and the left edge of the whiteboard is 16' from the left corner.

The first Mooreco whiteboard is 6' wide.

The right edge of the whiteboard is 16" from the 'bump-out.'

The bump-out is 65" wide.

The left edge of the second Mooreco whiteboard is 10" from the bump-out. The TV is centered at 10' 2" from bump out.

The second Mooreco whiteboard is 6' wide.

The northwest (curved) wall continues 7' 10" between the whiteboard and the countertop.


The Southeast wall has a flat panel (TV3) centered 4' from the left corner near door.

The third Mooreco whiteboard is 6' wide, and the left edge is 11' from the left corner near door.

A flat panel (TV4) is centered 4' 6" from right corner, near door.

Students who are clustered around each of the flat panels should be able to see the other flat panels in the room without obstruction by the pillar.

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