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Connecting to an Adobe Connect Session

Connecting to Adobe Connect Session


To connect to an Adobe Connect session, you will find . Plug in your webcam (if necessary) and headphones before you connect to the session.

On the desktop, you will find a shortcut to Adobe Connect. Click on the link to open the Connect Session. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be asked for your IWU username and password. If you have an IWU username and login, feel free to use it. Otherwise, you will need to login as a guest - select “Login as a guest” and simply type in your name.

*If you are hosting or presenting in the meeting, you must sign in with your IWU account.

Verify that audio is enabled on your computer and volume is turned up. Select the “Meeting” menu from the top of the window, and then select “Audio Setup Wizard.” Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to make sure your audio and your microphone are working correctly.

Once your audio is setup correctly, you will need to turn on both your microphone and camera (they are muted by default). You should be able to see both the microphone and webcam buttons at the top of your screen. When you go to turn them on for the first time, you may be prompted with a pop-up asking you to allow your microphone and camera to connect. Click “Allow.”

Image 002.png

Once you have successfully connected, and your sound and video is connected, you can adjust your microphone’s volume (if needed) by clicking the down-arrow next to the microphone button, and selecting “Adjust Microphone Volume.” This will allow you to turn your microphone’s volume up or down while listening to yourself (anyone else connected to the session will not be able to hear you while you are adjusting your volume). You can adjust your speaker volume (how loud others sound) by adjusting you system audio in Windows and by clicking on the arrow next to the speakers and selecting “Adjust Speaker Volume.”

If you encounter any difficulty with your connection, you can visit the following link to
check your computer, internet connection, and access other troubleshooting tips:
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