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BHSN teaching stations - No Sound

There is a rare but known issue with the Kramer Switcher/scalers located in BHSN classrooms and labs.


 No audio is heard, even after all troubleshooting suggestions have been attempted.


Device loses its audio driver. The manufacturer is aware of this issue, and a recent patch has greatly decreased the frequency of these occurrences.


This process will take approximately one minute to complete. This has always caused the device to locate it's driver again.

  1. Call IMT, who will send a technician to reset power to the Kramer Switcher/scaler (reboot).
  2. Instruct the customer to power cycle the teaching station (in other words, unplug the extension cord that provides power to the teaching station). Wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. After approximately 60 seconds, the controller and switcher will be ready to use.

Related Solution:

A frequently missed troubleshooting step related to this scenario, is that the audio amplifier has inadvertently been turned off. The amp is located at the bottom of the teaching station cart, where a resting foot could turn off the power button. Pressing the button again will enable sound playback through the speakers.


This same Kramer switcher/scaler is implemented into the teaching stations of many regional sites' classrooms, and in South Hall Complex East classroom 135.

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