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Printer Software Was Not Installed Properly

Certain Ricoh drivers when installed on OS X 10.5 or higher will give an error when trying to print. The error given will state that the "Printer software was not installed properly, please try removing the software and re-installing". This is caused by the driver's installer not setting the permissions correctly on an installed file on the computer. To resolve this issue you may follow the steps below.

Fixing the Issue

Before beginning, you will need to remote into the users comptuer or have it physically in front of you. All of the steps required to fix this issue will be done through the "Terminal" app on the mac. If you are uncomfortable working from the command line/ terminal, you should ask for assistance from another who has performed this task before.

  1. Open the Terminal application
  2. In Terminal we need to switch to the administrator account which is done by typing the following command:
    su - administrator
  3. You should then get a prompt to enter the administrator's password. Note: When typing the password you have no visual indication that the text is being typed, press enter when you're done typing the password you should get a new line, but this time you should see the administrator name before the blinking cursor as shown below:Change User.png
  4.  Next you'll need to locate the file that has the incorrect ownership set which you can do by running the following command: 
    Tail Log.png
  5. Once you press enter after typing this command you'll see all printing errors as they occur. This means you will need to try and print to the printer that isn't working and then look at this log thats displayed. Most often the file that is not accessible is "/Library/Printers/RICOH/Filters/jobLogFilterC" and should appear in the log when you try to print. 
  6. Once you've located the file with the incorrect permissions, you'll need to navigate to that path as shown below:Change Directory.png
  7. After navigating to the directory that contains the file with the incorrect permissions run the command below which should give the print out shown below as well:List All.png
  8. As indicated in the screenshot above, the owner of the "jobLogFilterC" is incorrectly set to "administrator" it should be set as "root" which we can fix by running the command shown below:Change Owner.png
    Note: You'll need to enter the administrator password again, which again will not give any indication anything is being typed.
  9. Once this is completed you can verify the ownership was set to root by running the same command as in step 7, this time instead of "administrator" being listed as the owner we should see "root" as shown below:Verify Owner.png
  10. You should now be able to successfully print to this printer. 
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