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Point and Print Restrictions


Describes a GPO (Group Policy Object) which controls the behavior of Windows clients (workstations) when attempting to install a print driver.

Point and print

Enabling this policy makes it possible for standard users to install (and update) print drivers from a list of approved print servers without needing to enter an administrator password or elevate privileges.


The policy can be configured in GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) by navigating to the following node: > Workstations > Managed

The name of the policy object is PointAndPrintRestrictions and it is linked to the Workstations > Managed OU.


The policy includes the following settings:

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Printers > Point and Print Restrictions
Setting Comment
Enter fully qualified server names separated by semicolons;;;;;;;
Users can only point and print to machines in their forest Disabled
Security Prompts: When installing drivers for a new connection Do not show warning or elevation prompt
Security Prompts: When updating drivers for an existing connection Do not show warning or elevation prompt
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