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Installing Print Director Admin


This article gives step by step instructions for installation of PCS Print Director Administrator. This application should only be installed on workstations used by faculty and staff who have been approved as administrators for Print Director. It should never be installed on computers that are accessed by students.


First Step

Log on the the workstation on which you want to do the install as an administrator. Save the file to your desktop. Unzip and run the executable file. (This file is also located at \\citron\PCS Director.CD\.)


Please Note:
If the workstation already has the client software installed, you may get a message saying, "The setup will perform an upgrade of 'PCS Director'. Do you want to continue? Click "Yes" and run the file. You will then need to do a re-boot and then repeat the first step before proceeding to the second step.


Second Step

Click "next," accept the license agreement, and click "next."



Third Step

Choose "Step by Step Walkthrough" and click "next." Click "next" once more to install to the default directory.


Fourth Step

Choose "SQL Server" for the database type and click "next."


Fifth Step

Choose "No - Do not create a new database, I already have one" and click "next."


Sixth Step

Choose "No - Do not install, I already installed one" and click "next."


Seventh Step

Choose "No - Do not install the Copy Audit Communicator on this machine" and click "next."


Eighth Step

Make sure the "Administration" and "Job Editing and Reporting" boxes are checked and the "Client" box is unchecked. Click "next."


Ninth Step

Click "Install." Click "OK" when the following box appears:


Tenth Step

Click "Finish" and then "Yes" to reboot.

Eleventh Step

Go to start/All Programs/PCS Director. Right click on "Administrator" and click "Run as administrator."


You will not need to run as administrator on Windows XP systems, only on Windows 7 systems.


Fill in the box with the following information along with the password supplied by Van Ausdall.


Click "Login." You will see the following error message:


Click "OK."

Twelfth Step

Download the file pa6utils.dll. Copy this file and paste it into C:\Program Files\Ricoh\PCS Director\Common\. (This file is also found in \\citron\PCS Direcr.CD\Admin Tools\.)

Thirteenth Step

Click on start/All Programs/PCS Director/Administrator. The Administrator console should now load.


You must log in to the application once as an administrator before anyone else on that workstation can use it. Once you have done this, all users should be able to access it.
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