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Using Print Director Admin


This article explains the basics for using Print Director Administrator. Users will learn how to look up a student, how to add a student, and how to add an account balance in student records.

Looking Up a Student Record

First Step

Start the program by clicking start/All Programs/PCS Director/Administrator.

Second Step

Under the main menu on the left side of the screen, arrow down until you see the "Users" icon and click on it.


Third Step

In the "Lookup" field, begin typing the student's network name. This is the name that the student uses to log on to the IWU network, usually their first name, followed by a period, followed by last name (e.g., john.smith). This should narrow down the list to the point where you can find the record you are looking for.


Fourth Step

Double click on the student's name to bring up his or her record.


If there should happen to be two or more records with similar names so that there is uncertainty as to which record is the correct one, you will need to verify that the number in the "PIN" field corresponds to the student's IWU student ID number.

Adding a Student Record

First Step

First look up the student's name following the instructions above to verify that he or she is not already in the database.


Students are imported every Monday morning, so there should be very few occasions in which adding a new record is necessary. One instance where this would be necessary would be if the student had been enrolled less than a week and was not included in the weekly download.

Second Step

Double click on any blank line in the "Users" window to bring up a blank record.


Third Step

Enter the appropriate information in the fields. The "Display name" is the student's first and last name (e.g., John Smith). The "Network name" is the log in name assigned by IWU (e.g., john.smith). The "PIN" is the student's IWU student ID. It is not necessary to enter anything in the "PIN password" field or the "Account" field.


Fourth Step

Click the drop down arrow for the "Track" field and select "Student."


Fifth Step

In the "Security" field, make sure "Print Audit Regular User" is selected. (This should be the default value.)


Sixth Step

Click "Add" then click "Close."

Adding an Account Balance

First Step

Bring up the student record by following the above instructions.

Second Step

Click on the "Balances" tab.


Third Step

Change the value in the "Allowance" field to reflect the correct student balance. In the example below, the student already had a balance of $5.00 and paid in an additional $10.00, so the field was modified to $15.00.


Fourth Step

Click "Save."


End user documentation for Print Director

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