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Sharp Copier Address Book Changes

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For Sharp multifunction copier/printer devices (not Van Ausdall and Farrar) you can update the Address Book by following these steps:

  1. Connect to the copier/printer's web interface using the IP address. To find the IP address for a Sharp printer:
    1. From the printer navigate through the following menus:
      1. Press "Custom Settings" mode button
      2. Press "List Print"
      3. Press "Custom Settings List"
    2. A report will be printed which lists the current IP Address in the "Network Information" Section
    3. Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address
  2. On the left side, click on the "Address Book" category.
  3. Click "Add" within the main screen to create a new entry.
  4. Select an "Address Type": Email, Scan, Fax, or Desktop
  5. Enter a display name in the "Address Name" field
  6. Fill in the appropriate boxes
  7. Click "Frequently Used" if you want the contact to be on the initial address destination screen.
  8. Click "Submit" to save the new entry.
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