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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Adding Printers


Describes how to add printers using IWU print servers.

Print Servers

IWU has 4 print servers. The print server's are as follows:

IWU's Main campus primary print server
IWU's Main Campus secondary print server
IWU's Ott Hall building on the main campus print server
IWU's Regional Campus' primary print server

These print server's may be accessed through the Run command in windows XP or via the Search box in the start menu on Windows 7 by typing in \\(servername) (for ex. \\vmprint1)


Naming conventions

IWU printer's are currently shared from a print server using the following naming convention:


Building: This is the first three letters of the printer name, in this case "AGS" which means this printer is located in the AGS building. Other examples include: MAX - Maxwell, ACA - Elder Hall, GMN - Goodman etc.

Department/Location: This is the second set of letters after the first _ , in this case "ACC" which means this printer is in Accounting. Other examples include: UIT - University Information Technology, HC - Health Center, 

Type: the third set of characters indicate what type of printer this is. See below for the various types that may appear, the number in this section just indicates if it is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd printer of that type in the area.

L= Laser Printer

LC= Laser Color Printer

CP= Copier (Black and white typically)

CCP= Color Copier

Server: this is the number at the end of the printer name, for instance 1 = vmprint1  where as 2 = vmprint2

Installing the Printer

IWU Printers may only be installed on IWU owned computers that have been setup by ITS. If you're attempting to install a printer on OS X please check our our OS X Printer pages.

On Windows based computers (XP, Vista, and Windows 7) you may install an IWU printer by first connecting to the appropriate print server, see the Print Server area above to learn which print server you need to use. 

To connect to the print server simply click on the Start button and in the Search  box (Windows 7 and vista) or in the "Run" area (Windows XP) type:

\\servername (ex. \\vmprint1)

Then press enter. On the screen that loads locate the printer you wish to add (See "Naming Conventions"  to learn which printer you need to add) and double click. 

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