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Printer Cartridge Recycling


Printer cartridge recycling is provided at the university either by Van Ausdall & Farrar or by Facilities Services, depending upon the type and source of the cartridge.


If the toner cartridges are supplied by Van Ausdell & Farrar for the network printers that they maintain, then they will collect the used cartridges and recycle as necessary.  If the toner or inkjet cartridges were purchased via an office supply company, then Facilities Services will collect and recycle the cartridges.  Additional information for each situation may be found below.


Below are examples of the basic processes involved in printer cartridge recycling.

Process 1:

You are using a network Ricoh copier.  When you are low on toner, you send a request to the Support Center at or by calling ext. 2209.  Van Ausdell & Farrar will deliver the new toner to your location.  If they install the new cartridge, then they will also take the old one away.  If you install the new cartridge at a later time:

  1. Return the used toner cartridge to the original packaging.
  2. Placed the repackaged toner cartridge beside the copier.
  3. Place a note on the package that the contents are used.
  4. The next time that Van Ausdell & Farrar comes to the printer for service or toner delivery, they will pickup the used cartridge.
  5. Toner cartridge types currently being returned to Ricoh are listed below.  If your toner cartidge type is not in the list, then you may choose to follow Process 2.
  • 125
  • 165
  • 410N
  • 4100N
  • 4100NL

Process 2:

You are using an inkjet printer or any laser printer or copier that is not supported by Van Ausdell & Farrar.  These devices would likely be manufactured by a company other than Ricoh.  The new cartridges are likey purchased through an office supply website or directly from a local retailer.

  1. Place the used cartridge in suitable packaging so as to avoid making a mess.
  2. Store the used cartridges until you have a sufficient amount to justify a member of the Facilities Services staff making a trip to your location for a pickup.
  3. Create work order for Facilities by clicking here or by accessing the Work Order system from the Facilities page on the MyIWU portal.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, you may contact the Support Center at or by calling ext. 2209.

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