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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

To scan a document to a file

1-Make sure that your scanner is on all scanning software included has been installed.

2-Place the document face down on the scanner glass. The document typically will need to be placed in the lower left hand corner of the scanner.

3-Press the scan button on your scanner.

4-The software associated with your scanner should open to verify that the document is scanning.

5-You should then see what you scanned document looks like.

6-When asked for the resolution that you would like the scanned filed to be saved as, please select either 150dpi or 300dpi.

7-If you are given the choice to scan the document to a program or to a file, chose scan to file.

8-Save the file. In the Save In drop down box, choose the location where you would like the file to be saved. In File name choose a name. In Save as type, choose from pdf, or JPG. Click on Save.  

To attach a scanned document to an email using your IWU Windows Live Mail account

1-Log in to your IWU Windows Live Mail account.

2-Create a new email

3-Inside the new email, left click on the small downward arrow next to the Attach menu.

4-Chose File

5-Left click the Browse button and locate the scanned document that you wish to attach to your email.

6-Left click on the blue paper click labeled Attach

7-Once the file has been attached, your email window should open. Once you have finished composing your email, click Send to send the email with the attachment.

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