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TellerScan Setup and Installation


The Advancement office uses a TellerScan TS230 to scan checks and deposit them into the bank. The driver for this device is here: /@api/deki/files/5379/TellerScanDriver_12.77.exe​​​​​​​ and must be installed. There is also a software app by NCR called Remote Deposit Web Client. This software must also be installed on the computer.

Drives are mapped as follows. The check images are stored on diamond in Advancement folder (W:).


The check deposit process is web based. The web site that we log on to is: https://cashproonline.bankofamerica.com/AuthenticationFrameworkWeb/cpo/login/public/loginMain.faces . If Internet Explorer is used, this web site requires version 11. However, Chrome seems to work better. Make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is installed.





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