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Course Information iFrame

Describes the embedded Course Information iFrame that exists in all LMS courses to display instructor and calendar information.  Explains where the data comes from and how to test and troubleshoot.


This page is embedded in every course and the ID is dynamically populated with a javascript call provided by the LMS which adds the course "call number" to the end of the iframe source url.  This allows dynamic information about a course to be embedded in that course.

How to Test

Use this link to test that it is currently working on our end:

To test a particular term and section name, replace them into the above example URL and load that URL in your browser. 

  1. If the expected information loads, then the issue lies within the LMS embed code.
  2. If the expected information does not load, check and correct the data sources below.  Any corrections will not take effect until the following morning.

Data Sources

All information is queried via the Data Warehouse.

  • COURSE_SECTION_DIM - Used to see if the specific term and section exist.
    • This information comes from the SECT screen in Colleague.  The term and section name must match exactly.
  • FACT_FACULTY_ASSIGN - Used to select the faculty name to display. 
    • This information comes from the FASC screen in Colleague. 
    • The faculty with the highest non-empty percentage without a status of REM is chosen for display.
  • FACT_COURSE_SECTION_CALENDAR - Used to display the calendar.
    • This information comes from the SESC screen (a detail from SOFF) in Colleague.
    • Since there is no Colleague End Date on meetings, End Dates are calculated as the start date + six days.

Contact Information

  • For corrections to the LMS embed code, contact ______
  • For corrections to Colleague information, contact Student Services.
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