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How to enroll people into courses


Explains how to manually enroll people into courses.  This is used only for non-IWU training courses.


Your administrative login to Brightspace must have been granted access to enroll specific roles.


  1. Log in to your administrative account (ends in .adm) using this link

  2. Search for the course you need to access using the "Select a Course..." tool.

  3. In the navigation bar, Click on  "Communication" and then on "Classlist":

  4. Click on the blue Button "Add Participants" and then on "Add existing Users" button:  

  5. In the search box below “Add Existing Users”, search by the students first and last name or by their IWU ID number. Press the enter key to bring up the search result.

  6. Once you find the student, click on the “-- Select a Role --“ dropdown arrow and select the role the student is to have in the course.

  7. Click on the “-- Select a Section --“ dropdown arrow and select the course name (only the course name for the course you are in will show up as an option).

  8. Click on the empty checkbox next to the students name to select him/her and then click on the blue button at the bottom of your screen “Enroll Selected Users."

  9. You will then see a page that confirms the enrollment you just made. If you are finished with enrollments for that course, click on the “Done” blue button. If you need to enroll another user for that course, click on the “Add More Participants” button to go back to the page you were just on.

  10. After you are all finished enrolling the student(s) with the Grader, Mentor/Mentee, and/or Teaching Assistant role you can confirm within the Classlist of the course that this was completed successfully by locating the student and their given role in the course offering. 
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