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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

How to Enroll Users


LMS Editors have the ability to enroll users into past or present course sections, master courses, d-courses, and training courses.  

LMS Editors can enroll the following roles:

  • Mentor-can edit and is hidden from the classlist
  • Shadow-can view-only and is hidden from the classlist
  • Observer-can view-only and appears within the classlist
  • Trainer-can edit and appears within the classlist (This role is an exact copy of the Faculty role)
  • Learner-can view-only and appears within the classlist (This role is an exact copy of the Student role)

**NOTE** Only roles which are visible within the classlist may be unenrolled by a LMS editor.


1.  Within a course, select the "Communication" icon from the course navbar.


2.  From the Communication menu, select the "Classlist" icon.


3.  Select the dropdown menu within the "Add Participants" button.


4.  From the dropdown menu, select "Add existing users". 


5.  Choose whether or not to send an automated email to the user to let them know that they are enrolled in the course, by selecting the checkbox or leaving it blank.


6.  In the "Search For..." box, enter the name or ID of the user to be assigned to course and select the magnifying glass or hit enter.  **NOTE** It is best to use an ID number if at all possible to ensure the correct user is enrolled.


7.  A list of all users matching the search criteria will appear below in the search results


8.  Locate the user to be enrolled and place a checkmark in the checkbox beside the user.


9.  From the "Select a Role" dropdown, choose the role that is most appropriate based on the roles listed in the Description.


10.  Once the role has been set for the user, select the "Enroll Selected Users" button.


11.  Confirm the enrollment of the user by selecting the "Done" button or select the "Add More Participants" button to add more users.


12.  The user and their assigned role will now appear in the classlist.


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