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How to Fix the Course Café Forum Widget


The First Method will only work if you are in the course where the Course Café Forum discussion was deleted and another version has not been copied into the course. Otherwise, you will need to follow the Second Method to fix the widget.


First Method 

1. Access the Discussions tool.

2. Near the top of the tool, select the More Actions button.

a. Choose Restore.

3. Next to the Course Café Forum, select the Restore button.

a. This will then prompt you to restore the three topics with it as well, rather than restoring them individually.

4. Navigate back to the course homepage to confirm that the widget is working again.

Second Method 

1. Access the Discussions tool.

2. Navigate to the editing view of the Course Café Forum and add any character at the beginning of the forum title in order to make it stand out.

a. Repeat this step for the number of Course Café Forums there are in the Discussions tool (make sure to add a different character to each title).

3. Afterwards, copy in the “All Enhancement Items” course.

4. From the course homepage, follow the Course Café Forum widget to see if it opens the new forum or one of the previous forums that you renamed.

5. Delete whichever forum(s) the widget did not navigate to.

6. You will then need to follow the normal steps that need to be completed after copying in the enhancements course, such as fixing the link in the Course Dashboard and updating the banner image.

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