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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Quizzes - Randomizing Quiz Questions

1.  Click on "Activities" on the Navbar.

2. Select "Quizzes".

3.  On the "Manage Quizzes" page, click on the name of the quiz you want to add a random section of questions to.

4.  Scroll down to "Add/Edit Questions".


5.  Click "New".

6.  Select "Random Section".


7.   In the General area, enter your details.

8.  In the Display Options area, select how you want your section to appear.


9.  Click "Save".

10.  On the quiz question page, click on the random section you created and click "Import".

11.  From the Source Selection drop-down list, select the section you want to import.

12.  In the Source Collection area, select the questions you want to import and click "Save".




14.  Click "Save" then "Done Editing Questions".



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