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Zoom Integration


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to access and utilize the Zoom integration available within Brightspace courses. The integration allows you to create Zoom meetings, view your upcoming and past Zoom meetings, and join a Zoom meeting from your Brightspace course. Please note, Zoom meetings themselves will not be held within Brightspace but via the Zoom application installed on your device. For more information on other Third Party Tools, see the Third Party Tools topic page.


1. From the course navbar, open the "Communication" menu.

Course Navbar only, Communication - All.PNG


2. Select the "Zoom" link.

Communication Menu, Zoom - All.png


3. Initially when first accessing the Zoom integration in a course, there will be a "No Data" message because only meetings for that course will display on the main page.

Initial View - Faculty.png


4. When a meeting does load onto the main page, select the "Start" button to join the meeting via the Zoom application on your device. Note, the Zoom meeting itself will not be conducted within Brightspace.

Initial View, start button - Faculty.png


5. As previously mentioned, the main page of the Zoom integration will only display meetings scheduled for that Brightspace course. To view a list of all your Zoom meetings*, select the "All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings" link.

All My Zoom Meetings link - Faculty.png

*Any Zoom meetings that were scheduled before completion of the integration on 04/17/2020 will not be displayed. All of your Zoom meetings thereafter, including those not scheduled within Brightspace, will be displayed on this page.

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Schedule a Meeting

1. Select the "Schedule a New Meeting" button.

Schedule a New Meeting button - faculty.png


2. The name of the course will automatically pull into the "Topic" field. It is recommended that you change the "Topic" field to something unique to avoid having multiple meetings appear with the exact same name.

New Meeting, top half - Faculty.png


3. Modify the date, time and other related settings as needed.

New Meeting, date and time section - Faculty.png


4. In the video section, select the "on" bubble for the Host and Participant options.

New Meeting, video boxes - Faculty.png


5. Please note, if another faculty other than yourself is enrolled in the Brightspace course then they will automatically be added as an "Alternative Hosts". Select the "Save" button to create the Zoom meeting.

New Meeting, save button - Faculty.png

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Manage a Meeting

1. On the main page of the Zoom integration, select the topic title of a meeting.

Initial View, meeting link - Faculty.png


2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select the "Edit this Meeting" button.

Manage Meeting, edit button - Faculty.png


2a. Or if you need to delete the Zoom meeting,  select the "Delete this Meeting" button.

Manage Meeting, delete button - Faculty.png


3. You will be able to edit any of the settings that you were able to manage when creating the Zoom meeting.


4. Once you have finished managing the Zoom meeting, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the "Save" button.

New Meeting, save button - Faculty.png

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Share a Meeting

The following items will be available immediately after you save and create a new Zoom meeting within the Brightspace integration. If you have navigated to another web page and need to return to the Zoom meeting, follow Step 1 in the Manage a Meeting section of this article.

  • To send your students an Outlook calendar invite for the Zoom meeting, select the "Outlook Calendar" button.

Share Meeting, outlook invite.png


  • Though it is recommended that you send the students an Outlook calendar invite, you can send them just an email by selecting the "Copy the invitation" link.

Share Meeting, copy invitation link.png


  • Select the "Copy Meeting Invitation" button and paste the information into an email that can be sent to the students in your course.

Share Meeting, copy invitation button - Faculty.png


  • Along with notifying the students through Outlook, you can also paste the Zoom meeting link in a post within the Announcements widget located on the course homepage in Brightspace.


  • To copy the Zoom meeting link, located the "Join URL" and open the context menu (right click or Shift+F10) and select "Copy link address".

Share Meeting, join url.png