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This section includes information on the LearningStudio environment at IWU.


There are three main areas to look at when you need help with the intricacies of LearningStudio.

First, you can check out the Help menu in your course in LearningStudio. The link to the help menu is in the upper right hand corner of each class. It will bring up a searchable database where you can enter search terms and get information.

Second, one of the classes available to each student is the Student Orientation Tutorial. This tutorial course covers everything you'll encounter in your courses. Quizzes to the Gradebook, it is all available to you there.

Finally, in LearningStudio alongside the Help Menu link mentioned above, there is a link to Tech Support. This link will allow you to submit a ticket and give you the number for the technical support hotline.  When submitting a ticket for assistance, please be sure to use your IWU email address.  (This would include the following:,, or email addresses.)  By using your IWU email address, your ticket will be automatically directed to the team assigned to assist IWU students.  


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