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Indiana Wesleyan University Support Knowledge Base

Creating a Profile Page/Accessing Classlist


In your course you will see a profile section located on the Minibar.  This profile section allows you to share various information about yourself with your classmates and professor.  The profile is located in every course.

Create a Profile

1.   Click on your name located on the Minibar inside your course.



2.  Select "Profile".


3.  Place in your information.  Any information you input will be visible in all your courses.  You may choose how little or how much you would like your classmates and professor to know about you.

4.  Click "Save and Close" when done.



Viewing a Classmates/Instructor Profile & Accessing the Classlist

1.  Inside your course, click "Communication" on the Navbar.

2.  Select "Classlist" from the list.

3.  A list of your classmates and instructor(s) will appear.

4.  Click on the image for the person you want to view their profile.  Some classmates and your instructor may have pictures uploaded and some may not.

5.  You may view the profile of the person you chose.

6.  Click "Go Back" when done.  This will return you to the Classlist page.