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Assignments - Submitting an Assignment


After completing this how-to, you will have the ability to submit to an Assignment for your Brightspace course.

Navigate directly to the section on:

Option 1 for Accessing the Submission Page

Option 2 for Accessing the Submission Page

Submitting the Assignment


Option 1 for Accessing the Submission Page (Recommended)

1a.  Select the "Course Menu" link in the course navbar to access course materials.

Course Navbar, Course Menu - Students.PNG


2a.  Navigate to the web page for the assignment.


3a. Review the full overview and instructions for the assignment before beginning your work. If there is an associated rubric, make sure that you go over it as well. Once you have completed your work, at the bottom of the web page follow the "Access the Assignment submission page" link.

Assignments, Web Page Quicklink - Students.png

Navigate  to "Submitting the Assignment"

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Option 2 for Accessing the Submission Page

1b. Open the "Activities" menu in the course navbar.

Course Navbar, Activities - Students.PNG


2b. Select "Assignments".

Activities Menu, Assignments - All.PNG


3b. Select the title of the assignment.

Assignments, Title Links - Students.png

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Submitting the Assignment

4.  Make sure that you review the full instructions, and if there is an associated rubric review it as well, before submitting the assignment.

Assignments, Instructions & Rubrics - Students.png


5.  At any time you can select the "Hide Assignment Information" and/or "Hide Rubrics" links to collapse the respective section. You can then select the "Show Assignment Information" and/or "Show Rubrics" to display the respective section again.

Assignment, Show Feature - Students.png


6. To begin uploading your assignment, select the "Add a File" button.

Assignments, Add a File - Students.png


7. Select the location of the where the file lives.


8. After uploading the file(s), you must select the "Add" button.

Assignment, Add Button - Students.png


9. Unless stated otherwise, the"Comments" section is optional. You may utilize the "Comments" section to add any additional information for the faculty to see about your submission that may not be in the file.

Assignments, Comments - Students.png


10. Once you have uploaded the file(s) and added any additional comments, select the "Submit" button to turn in your assignment.

Assignment, Submit Button - Students.png


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