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Past Look: Creating a Profile Page/Accessing Classlist

In your course you will see a profile section located on the Minibar.  This profile section allows you to share various information about yourself with your classmates and professor.  The profile is located in every course.

Create a Profile

1.   Click on the profile menu located at the top right of the page.  The profile menu allows you to update your profile information that classmates and instructors see.  It is also where you can change your notification and account settings within Brightspace.


2.  Select "Profile".



3.  Input your information.  Any information you input will be visible in all of your courses.  You may choose how little or how much you would like your classmates and professor to know about you.


4.  Once you have entered all profile information, click “Save and Close”.


Accessing the Classlist & Viewing a Classmates/Instructor Profile

1.  Inside your course, click "Communication" on the Navbar.


2.  Select "Classlist" from the list.


3.  A list of all students enrolled in the course and the instructor assigned to teach the course will appear.


4.  Clicking on the image beside a student's or instructor's name will allow you to view their profile information.


5.  If the user profile is blank or if some of the information is missing, the profile that you are attempting to view has not been completed by the student or instructor or they have chosen not to include specific information.



6.  Once you are finished viewing the profile information, clicking "Go Back" will return you to the Classlist.



**Please note that at this time the video has not been updated to match the documentation above**



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