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Past Look: Grades/Gradebook

1.  Click on the Grades dropdown menu to access Class Progress or Gradebook.


Option 1

2.  Choose Class Progress to view a breakdown of graded assignments by category and review general feedback from the instructor.


3.  In the Summary menu, choose a specific category to obtain more detailed information and rubric feedback from the faculty.


Option 2

4.  Choose Gradebook from the Grades dropdown menu to view assignments, points assigned, grade received, and individual feedback from the faculty member.


5.  The Gradebook will provide cumulative point and grade totals as well as points and grades received on individual assignments.  Assignment feedback, if provided by the instructor, is also visible in the Gradebook.


If you are looking for your official grade reports, read this article:

If you are looking for your official transcript, you will need to contact the Registrar's office at 765-677-2131.


**Please note that at this time the video has not been updated to match the documentation above**




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