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Past Look: Pinning a course

There are two options for pinning a course so that the courses you use the most are easily accessible from the main Brightspace homepage.

Option 1

1.  Click on the “Select a course” (waffle) icon located in the top right menu.Option1 Step 1.JPG

2.  The courses that you have access to will appear in list form.Option1Step2.JPG

3.  Click the thumbtack next to the course that you want to pin. Option1Step3.JPG

4.  Once pinned, the course will appear under "My Courses".


Option 2

1.  From the Brightspace homepage, click on “View All Courses” located under “My Courses”.  All past and active courses will appear here.Option2Step1.JPG

2.  Locate the course you want to pin and click on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the course and choose "Pin".Option2Step2.JPG

3.  Click on the "X" in the top right corner to exit the "All Courses" page.  Option2Step3.JPG

4.  The course will now appear as pinned in the "My Courses" widget.Option2Step4.JPG

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