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Zoom within Brightspace


After completing this how-to you will have the knowledge needed to access and utilize the Zoom integration available within Brightspace courses. The integration allows you to view your upcoming and past Zoom meetings, as well as join a Zoom meeting from your Brightspace course. Please note, Zoom meetings themselves are not held within Brightspace but via the Zoom application installed on your device.


1. From the course navbar, open the Communication menu.

Course Navbar with minibar, Communication - Students.PNG


2. Select the Zoom link.

Communication Menu, Zoom - All.png


3. A list of Zoom meetings that the faculty has scheduled within the Brightspace integration will be displayed. Please note, the Upcoming Meetings, Previous Meetings and Cloud Recordings tabs will only display a list of the Zoom meetings scheduled for that specific course.

Zoom, upcoming view with meetings - Students.png


3a. If the faculty has not scheduled any Zoom meetings within the integration for your course, a "No Data" message will be displayed.

Zoom, upcoming view without meetings - Students.png


4. Once a meeting has been scheduled for the course, select the Join button next to the upcoming meeting to launch the meeting via the Zoom application on your device.

Zoom, join button - Students.png

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