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Can't find submit button or other menus/elements are missing


90% of these types of ePortfolio struggles where your screen does not match what is in the Candidate Guide are due to out-of-date browsers or up-to-date browsers with add-ons or plug-ins which conflict with the ePortfolio Java Scripts. This version of the ePortfolio REQUIRES either IE version 10 or greater or Fire Fox version 10 or greater. IE 10 also requires Windows 7, so I have been recommending Fire Fox 10 since it will work on Windows XP and later versions of windows.

If you are using this version of either of these browsers, you may need to refresh the Java Scripts of the page giving you troubles. To do this, Right click in the margin of the page (just to the left of the text and before the edge of the window.) from the Right-click menu, select Refresh or Reload. This should force the JavaScript update from the server.

If you are not using version 10 of one of these browsers, the fastest way to fix these types of anomalies is to install the newest version of Fire Fox without additional add ons. You can download and install it for free here:

Use this browser along with the Candidate Guide (attached) to work in your ePortfolio.

eP4 Candidate Guidebook-1-5-12.pdf


Things to be aware of ...


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