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Error uploading a video


Several Candidates have recently had troubles uploading documents due to their Internet Browser being out of date. Please make sure you are using the most current version of your browser (IE must be at version 8 or newer and Fire Fox is now at version 16).  If you are still unable to upload your video after upgrading your browser, please try the following:

The attached MED Candidate Guidebook is a quick reference guide to everything ePortfolio and includes detailed screen shots of what you should see.

On Page 8 is a list of allowable artifact file types and file size limitations.  If your file-type is listed here by extension and it is within the size limit, then please let me know as we may have another issue I will need to research.  If it is not on this list or too large, please save your file/artifact into an acceptable format and size and try to upload it again.

If you need it, on Page 19 you will find the steps to submit an ePortfolio section for assessment. If you are receiving an error on any of the
pages, please let me know the page and figure number in the guide when the error comes up.  This will help me start researching in the right place.

I'll also need to know the video file type and size and the exact section of the ePortfolio you are trying to add it to.  The more information you can send, the better.

Thank you for helping me troubleshoot this for you,

eP4 MEd Candidate Guidebook-1-5-12.docx


Things to be aware of ...


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