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Peer coach not receiving assessment notifications


***Please collect the Peer Coach name and e-mail address, what was submitted and when it was submitted before routing these tickets***

There are several things that can happen when it comes to Peer Coach notifications. Please send me their correct e-mail address and I'll check it against the global list.

On our end, we could have the e-mail address wrong in the system or you could have them in your local ePortfolio contacts instead of it being in the global ePortfolio contact list. It could also be an issue in the way you are trying to submit to them.

On their end, it could be being blocked at the mail server level so they never see it, it could be blocked at their local level or sent to their junk mail folder automatically or they may not realize it will come from and not your e-mail address.

I highly recommend the following steps:

1. Ensure your Peer Coach is using version 9 of either Internet Explorer or Fire Fox.
2. Reply to this ticket with your Peer Coach's name and e-mail address.
3. Use the attached document to clear your Peer Coach from your local ePortfolio contacts.
4. Check your steps against the Candidate Guide (Download it from the News section of your ePortfolio Dashboard).
5. Download the Peer Coach Guide (also from the Dashboard News section) and send it to your Peer Coach. It will walk them through steps they can take to work around the e-mail issues.

Please let me know when these steps are complete and/or if you receive any errors as you or your Peer Coach walk through these steps.

Deleting a Peer Coach from local contacts.pdf


Things to be aware of ...


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