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Portfolio download taking too long with escalation to Chalk and Wire


I need to have you log a ticket with our Vendor (Chalk and Wire). They can check the technical bits inside the application for you.

Before you do that however, I just want to make sure of a couple things:

You are using version 9 or greater of either Internet Explorer or  Fire Fox (earlier versions are known not to work)
You have given it enough time based on your ePortfolio size and connection speed.
When you use the Download button to zip up your ePortfolio, it must compress all of the images and artifacts and then all of the web elements too.  You are essentially creating an entire website and placing it on your harddrive.  This can take a long time depending upon the number of artifacts and the size of them balanced with your download connection speed.

If this does not resolve the issue for you, please log a ticket with the Vendor as follows:

Use the red and white buoy icon at the top center of your ePortfolio Dashboard. When you click on it, it will expand to two buttons.
Use the speech bubble icon with the question mark
Fill in the required information and submit it.

This will open a ticket directly with our vendor for troubleshooting for you.

Thank you for the question,



Things to be aware of ...


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